Marti Cook

Marti Cook is a native Oklahoman. She and her husband hunter now reside in north Edmond with their 3y/o daughter Holly.
Marti graduated with a BS in Early childhood education from the University of Oklahoma, and taught kindergarten & first grade for five years before "retiring" to stay at home with Holly.

Marti loves getting to continue her love for young children through working at FIT4MOM. She began attending as a client in the Summer of 2015, and joined the staff in the Spring of 2016. She now teaches Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides classes as well as managing the company's social media pages.

Marti is passionate about getting mothers to push themselves and help them find their balance in life. "So much of our days are spent caring for others. I want moms to focus on themselves for this hour and I constantly push them to shift their focus."

She and her husband also love the outdoors and spend much of their time fishing, hiking, and working on their family's hunting ranch- Tarbone Ranch. "I am so glad that my work life has led me to sharing outdoor playtime with others."
Stroller Strides
Stroller Barre
CPR/AED Adult and Pediatric

Thursday – December 20, 2018


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